Workshop Program

Program at a glance

TBD (IWSS2017 will be held at 19, March 2017. See also IEEE WCNC Web page )

Technical Session (19, March, 2017)

Session I (Room: TBC, session chair: TBD)


Keynote Speech, Standards Bodies and Smart Spectrum Utilization
Dr. Jim Lansford, Director, Technical Standards Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

An implementable channel and CFO estimation scheme for IEEE 802.22-based radio equipment
Hiroki Ueno, Keiichi Mizutani, Takeshi Matsumura, Hiroshi Harada

Data tracking using frequency offset and SIC for physical wireless conversion sensor networks
Takehiro Sakai, Osamu Takyu, Keiichiro Shirai, Mai Ohta, Takeo Fujii, Fumihito Sasamori, Shiro Handa

Radio environment aware computation offloading with multiple mobile edge computing servers
Koya Sato, Takeo Fujii

Coffee Break (15:15-15:30)

Session II (Room: TBC, Session chair: TBD)

A study on false alarm cancellation for spectrum usage measurements
Riki Mizuchi, Kenta Umebayashi, Janne Lehtomäki, Miguel López-Benítez

Investigating the estimation of primary occupancy patterns under imperfect spectrum sensing
Ahmed Al-Tahmeesschi, Miguel López-Benítez, Janne Lehtomäki, Kenta Umebayashi

Measurement technique for occupancy ratio and transition ratio in cognitive radio system
Hayato Soya, Osamu Takyu, Keiichiro Shirai, Fumihito Sasamori, Shiro Handa, Mai Ohta, Takeo Fujii

Stochastic geometry perspective of unlicensed operator in a CBRS system
Priyabrata Parida, Harpreet S Dhillon, Pavan Nuggehalli

Harm claim thresholds: on the use of extreme value theory for receiver environment characterization
Sean Rocke

A practical air time control strategy for WiFi in diverse environment
Yudong Fang, Bernard Doray, Omneya Issa