Keynote speaker


Jim Lansford, Ph.D.
Director, Technical Standards Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Title : Standards Bodies and Smart Spectrum Utilization

Abstract : The idea of smart spectrum, or dynamic spectrum access, offers many exciting opportunities to increase capacity in a world that is creating an accelerating demand for bandwidth. While the challenges to the relatively slow moving regulatory processes are well documented, there are many challenges to the standardization community as well. If spectrum can be repurposed dynamically based on a set of constraints and policies, that means standards-based wireless systems must be able to be agile not only in frequency, but in time, space, and protocol. The latter is especially interesting; we could imagine a wireless system that has to adapt its protocol layer for a given frequency band, such as characteristics of its listen-before-talk protocol. This presentation will explore the impact of smart spectrum on standards bodies, and discuss ways to make the physical and protocol layers more adaptable in the technical specifications.

Biography : Dr. Jim Lansford is in the standards group at Qualcomm, responsible for Wi-Fi standards and strategy. He has over 35 years of experience in communications systems, digital signal processing, and strategic business development. Prior to its acquisition by Qualcomm in August 2015, he was a Fellow in the Global Standards Group at Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR).

Dr. Lansford has been Chief Technology Officer of three wireless startups (Momentum Microsystems, Mobilian, and Alereon) and held senior technical positions at Harris and Intel Corporation before CSR and Qualcomm. Dr. Lansford was formerly the co-chair of 802.15.3a (high speed UWB) as well as former chair of 802.19 (Coexistence) within IEEE 802, and was also a vice-chair of IEEE 802.15.2. He is currently chair of the Wireless Next Generation Standing Committee in IEEE 802.11. In the Wi-Fi Alliance, he chairs the Automotive Market Segment Task Group, the DSRC Marketing Task Group, and the Long Range Strategy Group.

In addition to his experience with Qualcomm and other companies, Dr. Lansford has served on the teaching and/or research faculty of Georgia Tech, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and Oklahoma State University; he was also a Visiting Associate Professor at Texas State University. He is currently active as an Adjunct Professor in the graduate Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program at the University of Colorado – Boulder. Dr. Lansford has served as an ABET Program Evaluator, is currently a Senior Member of the IEEE, and has a Wireless Communications Engineering Technology (WCET) certification.

Dr. Lansford has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State, an MSEE from Georgia Tech, and a BSEE with highest honors from Auburn University. He lives in Cascade, Colorado with his wife, Lynn, and daughter, Katelynne.